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East Point, a Romanian construction company, approached us a month before their 7 years anniversary, with the intention of marking this event with a celebratory campaign.


The main idea behind the campaign was to put out there the story and the values behind the company’s success and to get through existing and potential clients the message that East Point is an experienced and reliable partner.



We decided to focus the campaign on two aspects: getting the East Point values through to the customers while linking East Point to a distinct, memorable and somewhat funny recurrent element: a forklift. We created anniversary posters and flyers following this concept.


The idea was inspired by an inside joke we’ve heard while interviewing employees: everyone knew one of the owners was extremely passionate about driving around the company’s forklifts.


The campaign got such a positive feedback from clients and employees, that the owners commissioned us for an entire branding process – logo creation, design of a website and online store, Facebook page management and several other promotional campaigns.





Marian, owner at East Point

“I never realized that investing in our image could make such a difference. Up until we commissioned Vectory House for our branding, our sole marketing was the word-of-mouth. The team at Vectory showed us what the online word-of-mouth actually means. Feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive. Not only we got a lot of new customers who like to mostly shop online, but we also get the odd funny call at the office that says <My mum/grandma/son found you on Facebook. You are the guys with the forklift, right?>”

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